LE PREPOSIZIONI SEMPLICI: di, a, da, in, con, su, per, tra, fra

Short words that express CONDITIONS, DIRECTIONS, SPECIFICATIONS; they mark places in space or time. Simple prepositions are NOT followed by articles.


DI = of (possession), from

-un bicchiere DI vino -io sono DI Bologna (=a glass OF wine; I’m FROM Bologna)


A = to (indirect object and movement), in (locations, cities and places)

-vivo A Los Angeles da otto mesi -A destra -regalo il libro A Stefania (=I live IN L.A.; TO the right; I give the book TO Stefania)


DA = from, since, by (locations referring to people)

questo corso è stato fatto DA Laura -sono DA Lucia (this course was made BY Laura; I’m AT Lucia’s)


IN = in

-vivo IN una bella città (I live IN a beautiful city)


CON = with

-sono con te (I’m with you)


SU = on, onto, over

-l’aereo vola SU/SOPRA Firenze (the plane flies OVER Florence)


PER = for, to, by, as

-questo regalo è PER te (this present is FOR you)


TRA = between, among, in

-sono seduta TRA il tavolo e la sedia (I sit BETWEEN the table and the chair)


FRA = between, among, in

-vengo a casa FRA due minuti -mi sento a disagio FRA la gente (I’m coming home IN 2 minutes; I feel uncomfortable AMONG people)


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